The MIS system is a twin track inflatable slide system available for freeboard heights up to 12.5 meters It deploys at a right angle to the vessel and the slide is packed together with either a 100/150 person liferaft or two 100/151 person IBAs. This allows the liferaft/IBA to be
available immediately for boarding after it is deployed and bowsed. Additional liferafts/IBAs are available to be bowsed to the primary system, depending on vessel capacity required.

  • MIS can evacuate 731 persons in 30 minutes for SOLAS passenger ship requirements
  • MIS can evacuate 397 persons in 17min 40sec for High Speed Code (HSC) requirements
  • 4 slide lengths to cover vessel freeboard heights up to 12.5 meters
  • Range of liferafts (throw-over self-righting, throw-over or IBA) large capacity equipped with Venturi aspirators (using fewer gas cylinders and saving significant weight)
  • Flexible installation for closed deck and open deck vessels
  • Approved via heavy weather sea trials, with Beaufort 6 wind conditions and minimum 3 meters significant waves
  • Electric remote release system which automatically performs a complete system test
  • Float-free system operates before the water reaches the evacuation deck
  • Reduced crew requirements for operation and easy to operate
  • Simple and quick to install and re-install after service
  • Push-button system deployment and detachment of slide from raft
  • Additional liferafts stored close to slide location in separate cradles
  • Installation of the Medium Height Inflatlable Slide system can be provided between two decks or in an open deck area according to the available space on the ship. Each installation style shown below in diagrams and photos.