About Us

Our logo completely characterises our Company’s philosophy. The same way a Navigator’s sextant is considered an eminently practical back-up navigation tool for ships, we at Marine Consultants (Trinidad) Limited, work alongside the customer to navigate through the marketplace. We help you efficiently manage your shipping business, with safety and technical experience at the forefront of our mind.

Since being founded in 1971 by Master Mariners, our goal has been to “Keep Marine Operators Operating.” We realise the high cost of downtime and we aim to continually minimise its effects on our customers.

To achieve this, we supply equipment and maintenance services for vessels and offshore platforms. We also provide consultancy services for asset management and safety procedures. We draw on a network of local and international expertise that offers world-class products and services to the maritime industry.

We work hand in hand with our customers as they rely on us to understand their business process, in order to offer appropriate solutions that add both value and assurance to stakeholders. Our clients come from many sectors including the Oil and Gas Industry, Marine, National Security and Pleasure Crafts.


Vision Statement

Marine Consultants (Trinidad) Limited will be recognised as the flagship supplier and industry leader for customer satisfaction by delivering quality products and services to the marine, security and offshore sectors.

We will meet and exceed internationally established regulatory compliance through innovation and best practice.

A culture of unity, accountability, discipline, consistency and empowerment will permeate all areas of our company with the customer as our driver.

Mission Statement

Marine Consultants (Trinidad) Limited will keep marine operators operating with the ultimate objective of preserving the safety of lives at sea. We will provide the highest standard of products and services in the delivery of customer satisfaction, whilst meeting regulatory demands and compliance with contractual obligations of all stakeholders.

Adherence to documented procedures and objectives as set out in our quality management system together with our health, safety, security and environment management system will guide our daily operations and lead continuous improvement throughout the organization.

We will provide opportunities for the progressive development of our employees as we grow our business for the benefit of our customers, stakeholders and ourselves.


Quality Policy

The management and staff of marine consultants (trinidad) limited and its affiliates shall comply with the regulatory framework and stakeholders requirements which govern the industries within which we operate, both locally and internationally.

In accordance with all global anti-bribery acts we shall be free from influencee in our delivery of customer satisfaction, as we conform to the legitimate needs and requirements of our clients.

Our quality management system, in alignment with our health, safety, security and environment management system will guide our operations.

Employees will consistently seek continuous improvement of each other and our operations, as we grow our business for the benefit of our customers, stakeholders and ourselves.

Our Core Values

  • UNITED: Our Management and staff are UNITED as One Team.
  • ACCOUNTABILITY: We take Ownership of our choices, behaviours, actions and outcomes both positive and negative.
  • COMMITTED: We are COMMITTED to each other as we share a mutual desire to succeed.
  • INNOVATIVE: We will develop superior competencies as we continually improve and exceed established goals and objectives by being creative and initiating positive change.
  • ASSURANCE: We will provide assurance of competency and quality in the goods and services we provide in accordance with industry best practices.
  • INTEGRITY: We will be free from influence as we comply with all global anti-bribery acts upholding honesty in all our endeavours and providing fair treatment to all.
  • HIGH PERFORMING: We will meet the demands of the industries within which we operate with the highest standards of professionalism.