Team Leaders

John Lange – Chief Operating Officer
John Lange is committed to customer service. A Captain himself, John understands the needs and urgency of MCL customers. John attended a Maritime Academy and enjoyed a career at sea. John has also worked for major oil and gas companies in their marine departments. Understanding, mitigating marine risk and delivering solutions will keep marine operators operating.

Marc Sorzano – Chief Financial Officer
Marc has more than 25 years of international experience from oil and gas, offshore construction, and marine service industries, including fifteen years in Venezuela. Before joining Marine Consultants Group in 2014, he worked eight years as CFO and Executive Vice President for Capital Signal Group of Companies. Marc holds a Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree in finance from Michigan State University (USA), and Bachelor of Science degree in management and Information systems from University of Tampa (USA).

Debbie-Ann Jollie- Sales and Marketing Manager
Debbie-Ann Jollie joined Marine Consultants Limited in 2016 as the Sales and Marketing Lead. She has an accomplished marketing background with over 15 years experience having worked in the construction, advertising, food distribution, and the academia fields. Debbie has enjoyed developing strategies and training for private and public firms such as Vanguard Construction Ltd, Happi Products, the University of the West Indies as well as our very own Marine Consultants. Ms. Jollie holds a Bachelors degree in Sales and Marketing and an MBA in Management. She is also an Associate Member of International Management Academy.

Alistair Potter – Quality Assurance, Regulatory & Compliance Manager
Alistair has over 25 years management experience in the Automotive and Marine Industries. Prior to joining MCL in 2008, Alistair was a project manager at a dry dock where he managed vessel repairs with specific responsibility for work relating to hulls and the application of specialist coatings. Alistair was also the General Manager of a prominent boat builder specializing in the manufacture of high performance offshore power boats. Alistair is a fully certified Lifeboat Inspector.

Anthony Smith – Services Manager
Anthony has worked with MCL since 1986 in the inspection, repair and re-certification of liferafts, life boats, fast rescue boats, marine evacuation systems and inflatable boats. Anthony has been trained by every major marine evacuation system manufacturer and has been a key contributor to the development and best practices of MCL’s service lines. Anthony continues to support MCL’s SERVICE businesses, whilst specialising in the inspection and repair of military and commercial RIBS and Personal Flotation Devices.

Akeisha Mc Donald – Human Resource Officer
Akeisha first graduated from the University of the West Indies with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Sociology and Public Sector Management and later from Roytec with a diploma in Human Resources. She started at MCL in 2013 as a Service Coordinator but her experience in Health and Safety landed her the position of HSE Officer. Within this capacity she was incremental is attaining STOW certification for MCL. Today, her role has naturally evolved with her passions and expertise as she holds the position of Human Resource Officer.

Silbourne Clarke – General Manager at Marine Safety Jamaica
Silbourne came to MCL as an engineer with over 30 years experience in third party maintenance management. He had spent most of his career with a multinational corporation where he managed a large commercial organisation undertaking all aspects of planned maintenance, repairs, servicing, quality control and manufacture technical reporting. Silbourne has been instrumental in the design and modification of technical assets ranging from armoured vehicles for the Caribbean and Latin America to high performance offshore race boats for competition in the USA – He is an accomplished Trinidad & Tobago sportsman and has won numerous automobile and power boat regional and international championships. Prior to designing and building the Life Raft station in Kingston to a very high International Standard, he was the Manager for the TTCG Maintenance Support Program for it’s surface vessels from 2008 to the end of 2010.