DONUT MARINE – Personal Escape Evacuation System for FPSOs, FSUs and Vessels

The DONUT Personal Escape Descent device is the ultimate safety system for an evacuee.It offers the means of escape from very high structures in hostile environments and ever-changing conditions. This compact and unrestricted escape device is simple and sure.

With over 12,000 units sold and in service, the DONUT Personal Escape Device is established worldwide as the Industry Standard.

FPSOs, FSUs and vessels have special needs,including the requirements to achieve effective evacuation escape and rescue in a variety of scenarios.

In particular,the following issues must be addressed:

  • LISTING – causing conventionally – mounted lifeboats to become inoperative
  • SMOKE – affecting helicopter operations
  • ENTRAPMENT – at the bow end for entry into liferafts and the bridge wings or in the event of the main means of escape being rendered inoperative.

In the case of liferaft entry,it is virtually impossible for an evacuee to gain entry into a liferaft without the use of DONUT due to the opposition of wind and sea conditions.

DONUT is ISO 9001 approved.It has ‘approval for use’ certification from all major international regulatory authorities,providing the operator with complete confidence.

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