Designed for extreme height storage of liferaft containers (up to 50 meters), such as those fitted onboard Offshore or Oil Rig installations. This system allows the stowage height of Survitec Zodiac throw-over liferafts, packed in round containers, to be increased over the standard approved stowage height. It does this by controlling the descent speed of the liferaft during the major part of its fall, thus reducing the impact of the liferaft on the water and bringing additional safety.

Installation of a liferaft configured to use the decelerating system on deck is simple and operation is similar to conventional throw-over liferafts. There is no special operation or training needed for the crew in order to launch a liferaft fitted with the system.

  • The liferaft decelerating system is suitable for installation on a tilting or fixed cradle, without modification to the existing cradle installation.
  • The system consists of: a pocket (#3 in the diagram); 2 “U” bolds (#2 in the diagram) fi tted onto the upper shell of the container; a painter line of suitable length for the distance of the drop ((#1 in the diagram).
  • The loose end of the decelerating system and the painter line are connected to the HRU (#4 in the diagram).
  • Throw-over liferafts fitted with a decelerating system are MED approved up to 50 meters installation height.

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