Manufactured with durable polyurethane (PU) coated fabric, all
SurvitecZodiac davit-launch liferafts are assembled using the advanced
SurvitecZodiac hot assembly technique, Thermobonding™.

Designed to be launched by a davit, SurvitecZodiac davit launch liferafts
can also be dropped from up to 36 meters in emergency evacuation

  • Raft fabric weight and structure allow for easy servicing
  • Light, more compact GRP container design gives quick access to the lifting bridle
  • All liferafts are submitted to 4 times overload test and fully loaded 10 foot drop test, side impact and abrasion test
  • Equipment pack is sealed in a strong watertight bag and secured to the internal safety line of the liferaft
  • Rafts come packed in containers with hydrostatic release unit (HRU) assembly, lashing and cradle for U.S. product only
  • Available in sizes 12-37 persons