Immersion Suit (TC/SOLAS)

In production since 1969, the Imperial Immersion Suit is meticulously crafted and pressure-tested upon completion, and is in fact the very first immersion suit available for the maritime market. This version is available in three different sizes.

TC/SOLAS Immersion Suit:
(Size – Adult Universal) Product #: 80-1409-NCA
(Size – Intermediate) Product #: 80-1409-NCO
(Size – Jumbo) Product #: 80-1409-NCJ


Replacement High Rider Rings
(Size – Adult Universal) Part #: 80-1410-NCA
(Size – Intermediate) Part #: 80-1410-NCO
(Size – Jumbo) Part #: 80-1410-NCJ

Replacement Storage Bags
(Size – Adult Universal) Part #: 80-I-0201-NCA
(Size – Intermediate) Part #: 80-I-0200-NCO
(Size – Jumbo) Part #: 80-I-0204-NCJ

Optional Personal Survival Pocket Part #: 80-1420
Optional PLB Pocket Part #: 80-1421
Maintenance Kit Part #: 80-1501-101
Beeswax Bar Part #: 80-I-1000


  • Holds Transport Canada (TC) Approval
  • Holds Safety of Life at Sea (SOLAS) Approval
  • 1-piece, sealed construction made of inherently buoyant 5mm neoprene
  • True to size with dual-zipper pull tabs
  • Wide shoulders and legs for quick donning
  • Three-fingered mitt for increased hand warmth and palm grip studs for improved grasping
  • Equipped with whistle
  • Snug-fitting face seal helps keep water out
  • SOLAS-grade reflective tape provides extra visibility of wearer to rescue team
  • Weighs 14-16 lbs., depending on suit size
  • Dual-zipper pull tabs
  • Comes in sturdy storage bag with two handles for quick retrieval and donning of suit
  • Inflatable high-rider ring for additional freeboard and buoyancy
  • Custom suits available upon request
  • Optional personal survival kit pocket
  • Optional PFD light
  • Custom stenciling with organization name available upon request