SOLAS Immersion Rescue II

  • Top of the line, multi-layer immersion suit for increased thermal protection
  • Must be worn with lifejacket
  • Optional lifting becket, buddy line, whistle and emergency light
  • Interior braces for adjustable sizing
  • Fabric selection ensures long lifespan of the suit
  • Weight 3.16 kg
  • Dimensions: H 70 x W 50 x D 15 cm (packed)
  • Air-tight packing optional
  • Included in the VIKING Shipowner
  • Agreement for fixed fee service exchange

ITEM NO.: PS5006

PS5019 – Top of the line VIKING immersion suit with extra durability and extended protection

PV9520 – VIKING SOLAS solid lifejacket
PV9320 – Inflatable lifejacket, symmetrical 180N, configurable
PV9360 – Inflatable lifejacket, symmetrical 275N, configurable
PV9361 – Inflatable lifejacket, asymmetrical 275N, configurable
1038974 – Personal Locator Beacon (PLB)