C. Plath Venus

“Precision out of passion” is the motto of C-Plath, the renowned German manufacturer of magnetic compasses for 150 years. C-Plath Hamburg has set an industry standard of excellence for compasses that are unsurpassed in accuracy, reliability and durability in extreme physical conditions that include rough seas and punishing climates.

Built to function reliably in enviroments where strong vibrations, saltwater, heat, humidity and cold are the norm, these exceptional compasses are found on any boat where safety and performance are top priority. Weems & Plath is the sole distributor of C-Plath compasses in North America.

Features of the Venus Compass:
150mm (5.75 inches) apparent card diameter
For use on larger motor and sailing yachts

– 6 lubber lines: 5 yellow lubber lines and 1 curved main lubber line
– 1 shadow pin for relative bearing
– Choice of 1″ of 5″ compass card for all magnetic zones North & South hemispheres
– Extremely durable due to aligned gimbal system
– Corrosion resistant aluminum, anodized, powder-coated case
– Strong glass dome – blocks UV rays
– Two year warranty on compass
– Lifetime warranty on compass
– Certified by GL (Notified Body 0098) according to the requirement 96/98/EC in accordance with module B and D (Wheelmark)

Technical data:
Venus console compass for slush mounting on cockpit floor, deck, helm station or steering pedestal.
– 12-V or 24-V lighting, red, glare free
– Compass weight: 3.1kg (6.8lbs)
– Lubber line error – Deviation error – Friction error – Lag error 4.7 seconds
– Temperature range -30C to 60C (-22F to 140F)
– Cut-out diameter 152mm (6 inches)
– Pitch diameter of flange: 164mm (6.5 inches)
– Installation depth: 100mm (4 inches)
– Height with binnacle: 195mm (7.7 inches)
– Binnacle diameter: 170mm (6.7 inches)
– Weight of binnacle: 1.2kg (2.6 lbs)