TRB-220 Rotating Beacon

Tideland offers powerful rotating beacons that produce unprecedented intensities using low wattage marine lamps and LED reducing power requirements.

Tideland’s TRB-220 is a smaller version of the industry leading TRB-400. Its range is up to 20Nm and it can also be fitted with LEDs to provide over 12Nm.

• 25 Year Design Life
• 6 or 8 Lens Option for the TRB-400
• Brushless DC Drive Motor
• Over 16 Pre-Programmed Rotation Speeds
• Accepts Omnibus II and LED Flashers or LC-70
• Capable of Auto Switchover to Standby Lantern
• Remote Monitoring Capability
• IP-65 Housing
• Options of HP, Halogen, Metal Halide or Xenon Lamps