JetPac Engines

JetPac engines are self-bouyant drive with no propeller for safety and shallow draft. It is powered by the reliable Chevrolet LS1 geared from 300hp to 430hp based on application. Also available with a Cummins Diesel @ 220hp


Key Features for the 225 HP JetPac

Engine: Common Rail Electronically; Controlled 4-Stroke; Turbocharge Intercooled; Diesel Engine

Configurations: Inline

Cylinders: 4

Displacement: 3 L

Alternator: 12V 110 amp

Power Output: 225 HP@3800 RPM

Cooling: Closed Loop

Water Jet: 10″ (250mm) Ceramic Coated Stainless Steel Axial Jet (mixed Flow)

Exhaust: Thru hull water cooled exhaust

Fuel Consumption @ WOT: 11.7 GPH

Fuel Consumption @ Idle: Less than 1/3 GPH

Width: 35.5″

Height: 42″

Length: 42″

Weight: 930 lbs

Buoyancy: displaces approximately 50% of weight

Shell: FRP Single Shell Construction

Notes: Easy to service @ 100 hour intervals; Hinged lid for engine access; All gauges and cables supplied (bolt on and go); No flushing or winterizing