Tank Dipping Tapes


Standard type in accuracy class II,
+/- a + bL (a = 0,3 mm; b = 0,2 mm; L = length in m)
Accuracy class I,
+/- a + bL (a = 0,1 mm; b = 0,1 mm; L = length in m) at extra cost.

TECHNICAL DATA: hardened tape steel width: 13,0mm thickness: 0,2mm
Graduation: raised markings and figures in bright natural steel color on a dark etched background. Graduation on one or both sides.

TENSION: the tension force of the tape is in accordance with the weight of the dip weight (indicate when ordering for which dip weight the tapes should be used).

BRASS FRAME: strong frame of brass with oblique handle of laquered hardwood, strong foldable winding arm of brass protects the tape from unwinding when not in use, winding drum of metal. Tape rolls out near the handle (if not wanted, please specify in the order)

SPECIAL EQUIPMENT: Earthing of the brass frame (at extra cost)

Refills also available