Narwhal SV-480

SV-480 is a rescue boat that comply with SOLAS 1974 and all its ulterior amendments and also with the Directive 96/98/CE, amended by the Directive 2002/75/EC on Marine Equipment (MED), under the EC TYPE-EXAMINATION CERTIFICATON MED-B-000004W for SV-480.


According to this certification, the SV-480 can be fitted as rescue boats in all vessels with community flag and in any country where SOLAS rules were accepted. Each boat is supplied with its corresponding Conformity Declaration, with its identification plate and with the maintenance and user manuals. Due to their manoeuvrability and their quick final preparation, their main task is to recover fallen overboard crew members from the sea. It´s useful as well in case of vessel abandon or displacement and it is used as well for grouping, towing and life rafts organization.
Lenght Overall: 480 cm
Inside Lenght: 354 cm
Beam Overall: 210 cm
Inside Beam: 110 cm
Maximum Depth: 100 cm
Buoyancy tube diameter: 51 cm
Tube Chambers: 5+1
Maximum engine power: 40/50/60 or 75 HP
Engine Shaft Type: L
Max. Authorized PAX No. 6 6
Approx. Weight of Boat:. 250 Kg.
Max. Authorized Load: 673 Kg.
Max. Authorized Paid Load: 923 kg.
Buoyancy Tube Material:e PU Polyurethane
Approval: S.O.L.A.S.